Light-Gated Control of Conformational Changes in Polymer Brushes

10 jul 2021

Herein, a strategy to control conformational changes in grafted polymer brushes via photoinduced crosslinking of photoreactive groups embedded into the lateral architecture of a polymer brush is reported. Poly(methylmethacrylate)-based polymer… Läs mer

Light-Off in Plasmon-Mediated Photocatalysis

22 jun 2021

In plasmon-mediated photocatalysis it is of critical importance to differentiate light-induced catalytic reaction rate enhancement channels, which include near-field effects, direct hot carrier injection, and photothermal catalyst heating. In particular,… Läs mer

Solvent-induced conformational tuning of lysozyme protein adlayers on silica surfaces: A QCM-D and LSPR study

19 maj 2021

There is broad interest in functionalizing solid surfaces with lysozyme, which is a widely studied antimicrobial protein. To date, most efforts have focused on developing more effective immobilization schemes to… Läs mer

Ultrahigh surface sensitivity of deposited gold nanorod arrays for nanoplasmonic biosensing

08 maj 2021

The biosensing performance of plasmonic nanostructures critically depends on detecting changes in the local refractive index near the sensor surface, which is referred to as surface sensitivity. For biosensing applications… Läs mer

Conformational stability as a quality attribute for the cell therapy raw material human serum albumin

23 apr 2021

Although human serum albumin (HSA) has been used for many decades, there is still a lack of suitable quality control (QC) attributes. Its current use as a raw material in… Läs mer

Catalytically active and thermally stable core–shell gold–silica nanorods for CO oxidation

22 mar 2021

Deactivation based on sintering phenomena is one of the most costly issues for the industrial application of metal nanoparticle catalysts. To address this drawback, mesoporous silica encapsulation is reported as… Läs mer

Nanoparticules d’or pour les biocapteurs : lecture optique de la reconnaissance moléculaire

23 feb 2021

Les propriétés extraordinaires des nanoparticules d’or et/ou d’argent en ont fait des objets courtisés par les scientifiques toutes disciplines confondues. L’intensité de leur couleur ainsi que leur grande sensibilité optique… Läs mer

Influence of Sensor Coating and Topography on Protein and Nanoparticle Interaction with Supported Lipid Bilayers

09 feb 2021

Supported lipid bilayers (SLBs) have proven to be valuable model systems for studying the interactions of proteins, peptides, and nanoparticles with biological membranes. The physicochemical properties (e.g., topography, coating) of… Läs mer

Comparing Protein Adsorption onto Alumina and Silica Nanomaterial Surfaces: Clues for Vaccine Adjuvant Development

14 jan 2021

Protein adsorption onto nanomaterial surfaces is important for various nanobiotechnology applications such as biosensors and drug delivery. Within this scope, there is growing interest to develop alumina- and silica-based nanomaterial… Läs mer

Real-time nanoplasmonic sensing of three-dimensional morphological changes in a supported lipid bilayer and antimicrobial testing applications

31 okt 2020

We report the development of a real-time localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) biosensing strategy to detect three-dimensional morphological changes in a supported lipid bilayer (SLB) on a plasmonic substrate. The… Läs mer