Unravelling the Dependence of Hydrogen Oxidation Kinetics on the Size of Pt Nanoparticles by in Operando Nanoplasmonic Temperature Sensing

We use a noninvasive nanoscale optical-temperature measurement method based on localized surface plasmon resonance to investigate the particle size-dependence of the hydrogen oxidation reaction kinetics on model supported Pt nanocatalysts at atmospheric pressure in operando. With decreasing average nanoparticle size from 11 down to 3 nm, the apparent reaction activation energy is found to increase from 0.5 up to 0.8 eV. This effect is attributed to an increase of the fraction of (100)-facet and edge and corner sites and their increasingly important role in the reaction with decreasing particle size.

Published in: Nanoletters

Date: 2014-12-05

Authors: Vladimir P. Zhdanov, Filippo Cavalca, Anders Hellman, Kristina Wettergren, Christoph Langhammer