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Insplorion is a Swedish clean-tech company, with the patented sensor platform, NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS). The technology makes it possible to study nano processes on surfaces and in thin layers. Because of the sensors’ high sensitivity, robust character and possibility for miniaturization, NPS is well suited R&D applications in academia and industry.

The Insplorion story.

Late 1990s

Our journey begins here

Bengt Kasemo and Igor Zoric start to work with nanoplasmonic particles for sensing purposes at Chalmers.


The invention of NPS

Christoph Langhammer and Elin Larsson (later Langhammer) start their PhDs on NanoPlasmonic Sensing.


Into entrepreneurship

The NPS project enters Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and a business around the technology starts to form.


A company is born

Insplorion as company is formed, all IP transfered and early funding from business angles.


First sales

First sales of an X1 system to University of Eindhoven.


Public at Aktietorget

Insplorion AB goes public and raise capital for the air quality and battery applications.


Patents approved

Insplorions main patent is approved for the European Markets and the patent portfolio is gaining ground.


Battery sensor in major EU programs

Eurostars programme InBAT to make sensor controlled batter pack and Horizon 2020 project 3beLiEVe with focus to develop next generation of battery cells for electrified vehicles are both funded.


Urban Flows Observatory enters

The first international step for the air quality sensor with UK and Sheffield as new ground.


Hydrogen – next application area

Hydrogen becomes a focus area as a project to develop the world’s fastest hydrogen sensor is initiated with Chalmers and PowerCell.


Move to Nasdaq

Insplorion is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market as international and institutional investors join.


NPS enters automotive industry

A leading German automotive OEM purchases Insplorion’s M8 Instrument to optimize batteries for various applications.


Insplorion focus fully on Hydrogen

Over the past year, Insplorion’s technology in hydrogen measurement has attracted increasing interest. The reason is our proven ability to measure hydrogen specifically and quickly.

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