Nano­Plasmonic Sensing will change things for the better

NPS is an optical, real-time, label free, surface sensitive sensor technology. Our sensor chips are metal nanostructures on a surface that act as optical “antennas”. The sensor signal tracks changes at the surface by measuring differences in effective refractive index.


NPS is a platform technology that can be customized to measure different analytes or material properties in a variety of areas and applications.


NPS offers real-time measurements of changes in thin films and nanoparticles. Our hydrogen sensor has demonstrated the possibility to sustain a response time less than a second.


Thanks to the optical readout, which only requires optical access to the NPS sensor, sensitive hardware and electronics can be placed outside the measurement compartment. A protective surface film stabilizes the NPS sensor by preventing it from having direct contact with harsh environments.

Surface sensitive

NPS measures changes in materials located within tens of nanometers from the sensor surface.

No need for labelling

NPS measures the analyte or material property change of interest directly, without the need of labeling.

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Hydrogen Sensor

Our flexible and robust solution can be used to ensure safe operations of hydrogen fuel cells in everything from vehicles to biogas refineries.

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Scientific Instruments

We provide a wide range of  solutions that are easy to use and tailored to fit your needs.

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