Welcome to Insplorion

Insplorion is a Swedish company, which with our disrupting proprietary sensor platform, NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS), currently have three main branches of operation. Battery sensors, air quality sensors and NPS based research equipment. NPS is a technology that makes it possible to study Nano processes on surfaces and in thin layers. Because of the sensors’ high sensitivity, robust character and possibility for miniaturization, NPS is well suited for rough environments on the field, in the industry or in corrosive environments like inside a battery. Read more about the sensor technology.

insplorion product

Battery Sensor 

Thanks to the green energy transformation, an immense interest from the industry, paired with a potential to disrupt the market for lithium-ion batteries, our battery sensor operation has grown in importance. With an increased energy output, increased charge rate and radically lowered costs, the technology will have a decisive importance for the way batteries are used. Increased mileage for electric vehicles, cheaper energy storage and an increased safety are three important contribution areas. Sensors measuring the voltage inside batteries on a molecular level enable controlling and monitoring of batteries in a way that previously wasn’t possible. Read more. 

Air quality sensor 

With increasing urbanization and increasing problems with polluted city air, the need for competitive air quality sensors has grown exponentially. Insplorion’s technology enables more robust, more reliable, smaller and cheaper sensors than what’s available in the low-price segment technology of today. This makes it possible to build frequent networks of sensors, for example on each streetlight instead of like today, in just a few places in a city. This sensor type is in demand by authorities as well as for individual use in homes or vehicles. Read more. 

Research instruments 

Our research equipment systems are aimed towards scientists in the academy and industry around the world, delivering real time data with nanometer sensitivity from processes on surfaces or around material interfaces. The instruments enable a deeper knowledge of nanomaterial and nanoparticles, porous materials, thin films and coatings, for different application areas, for example catalysis, polymer science, material science, life sciences and solar. Read more. 

Future sensor applications 

Increased automation and smarter systems are global trends in society at large, where new demands of small, stable and sensitive sensors constantly emerge. With our technology applied in science equipment, we maintain our position at the edge of science where we can identify and technically verify new applications to match with market demand. Today we monitor possibilities, in amongst others, water cleaning, hydrogen gas and medical diagnostics, which all have the potential to become important applications. Read more.