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Insplorion is a Swedish company, which develops and sells its proprietary sensor technology NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS). Using NPS, processes at surfaces and interfaces can be scrutinized on the nanoscale. NPS is also a new sensor technology that is sensitive, small and yet robust, which enables it to, among others, monitor the chemistry in batteries or measure the air quality in a compact device.

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Insplorion in science

Insplorion offers scientists the opportunity to obtain real-time data about processes occurring at surfaces and interfaces with nanometer sensitivity through our measurement instruments. Using Insplorion’s NPS technology, scientists will reach a deeper understanding of molecule-surface interactions, nano-materials, nanoparticles, and porous materials in a variety of application areas such as biosensors, biointerface science, polymer science, and solar cells. Read more about our products and our applications.

Insplorion in business

Insplorion’s technology is being developed for specific sensor solutions for batteries, air quality and other specific sensing demands. Insplorions NPS technology has the advantages to be sensitive, yet robust with the opportunity to be miniaturized and applied for sensing demands previously not possible. The future application and utility of the industrial sensor solution is yours to decide. How about a serial sensor solution that continuously monitors the power level and performance of electric cars’ batteries? Or environmental sensors for detection of pollutants in the exhaust from both stationary and mobile combustion processes? We have ideas for a range of different industrial applications for Insplorion’s NPS technology.  Read more about Insplorion Sensor Systems.