Sensors for enabling tomorrow’s hydrogen

Release the potential of your technology with specific, fast and flexible measurements.

Insplorion H2 Detector (NPS-P2)

Fast and specific leakage detection

H2 gas detector for the most demanding safety applications, utilizing Insplorion NPS technology. The detector offers ultrafast detection and is applicable for operation in inerted environments and air.

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Insplorion NPS-P1 H2 sensor

Explore the NPS platform

NPS technology offers a unique combination of optical read-out and specific H2 detection. The platform offers real-time H2 concentration data for a broad range of applications areas.

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Remote optical detection

Multipoint fibre optic sensing

The NPS technology is capable of addressing critical applications where remote optical detection is desirable.

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NanoPlasmonic Sensing

Insplorion’s sensors are based on their proprietary NanoPlasmonic (NPS) technology, which offers highly specific and fast hydrogen detection.  The technology utilizes that the optical signature of palladium alloy nanoparticles changes upon their interaction with hydrogen.

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Scientific Instruments

Easy to use • Verified by researchers

Access the seemingly inaccessible with our flexible and robust research instruments. We provide a wide range of plug and play solutions that are easy to use and tailored to fit your needs. Insplorion’s research instruments are optimized for controlled experiments in controlled gas or liquid flow chambers and are already used by research teams all over the world.

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