Sensors for enabling tomorrow’s

Release the potential of your technology with robust, fast and accurate measurements.


Thanks to the optical readout of the NPS sensor, sensitive hardware and electronics can be placed outside the measurement area. A protective surface film stabilizes the NPS sensor by preventing the sensitive nanostructure from having direct contact with harsh environments.


The NPS technology allows real time readout, giving rise to short response times and fast sensors. Short response times are of importance both when sensors are used in warning system and within any process control.


The high sensitivity of the NPS technology coupled with the ability to measure directly on the molecules of interest, without the need of labeling, gives rise to accurate results with high precision.

Hydrogen Sensor

Increased safety • Process Performance

Our flexible and robust solution can be used to ensure safe operations of hydrogen fuel cells in everything from vehicles to biogas refineries. Accurate and stable measuring that works with a wide range of concentrations makes our new technology an integral part of any hydrogen infrastructure. With a sub-second response time, Insplorion’s sensors are the fastest in the world.

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Scientific Instruments

Easy to use • Verified by researchers

Access the seemingly inaccessible with our flexible and robust research instruments. We provide a wide range of plug and play solutions that are easy to use and tailored to fit your needs. Insplorion’s research instruments are optimized for controlled experiments in controlled gas or liquid flow chambers and are already used by research teams all over the world.

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Meet Insplorion.

NanoPlasmonic Sensing

Insplorion is a Swedish clean-tech company, with the patented sensor platform, NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS). The technology makes it possible to study nano processes on surfaces and in thin layers. Because of the sensors’ high sensitivity, robust character and possibility for miniaturization, NPS is well suited for R&D applications in both academia and industry.

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