Sensing Characteristics of NIR Localized Surface Plasmon Resonances in Gold Nanorings for Application as Ultrasensitive Biosensors

April 13, 2007

The optical responses of 75−150 nm diameter gold nanorings to changes in local refractive index have been quantified by near-infrared extinction spectroscopy and compared to DDA calculations and an analytical approach. The “bulk” refractive index sensitivities of gold nanorings are substantially (>5 times) larger than those of nanodisks with similar diameters. Nanorings retain a significantly larger sensitivity than nanodisks at the same spectral position, demonstrating a clear shape dependence that may correlate to a systematic difference in the influence of the dielectric substrate. The nanoring bulk refractive index sensitivity scales linearly with plasmon peak position. The spectral sensitivity to thin films of alkanethiols gave a shift of 5.2 nm/CH2 unit while bulk sensitivities as high as 880 nm/RIU were observed, the highest such reported sensitivities. Both bulk and thin dielectric film sensitivities correlated well with theory. Real-time label-free monitoring of protein binding via molecular recognition was demonstrated.


Elin M. Larsson, Joan Alegret, Mikael Käll, Duncan S. Sutherland

Published in

Nano Letters 7, 1256-1263


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