Remote optical detection

Multipoint fibre optic sensing

The unique combination of optical readout of NPS has emerged into a hydrogen detection solution offering unique capabilities such as remote detection and distributed detection. An optical read-out eliminates the risk of generating sparks, as no electronics is used at the detection point.

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O2 independent

operates without oxygen, eg. in inert environments

Highly specific to H2

detects H2, even in presence of other gases

Optical readout

sensor can be separated from electronics

Fast response

enables quick action

Key features:

  • Fibre optic based NPS detection
  • Ultrafast detection, demonstrated t90<1s
  • 8 channels
  • Carrier gas: Air or oxygen depleted environments (e.g. N2, Ar), combustible gases
  • Sample rate: 1 Hz
  • Control software: Insplorion M8 Control and Acquisition software


Application examples:

  • Hydrogen aircrafts
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Industrial installation, distributed detection



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