22. Nanoplasmonics 2: using plasmonic nanoholes to study adsorption to negative curvature

21. NPS for Metal-Organic Frameworks, MOF: gas adsorption studies

20. Nanoplasmonics 1: using plasmonic nanoholes for capture and sensing of virus-like particles

19. NPS for temperature-induced phase transition

18. CO2 adsorption in porous polymers

17. Reduction of Cu-Promoted Fe Model Catalysts

15. Photoswitching in Azobenzene-Functionalized Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au

14. Soft Matter Adsorption 2: Controlling Membrane Architecture

13. Soft Matter Adsorption 1: Kinetics of Lipid Vesicle Attachment and Deformation

12. Confinement Effect on the Glass Transition Temperature in Thin Polymer Films