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Insplorion’s products in the scientific field are complete research instruments for successful NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS) experiments in controlled gas or liquid flow chambers. In addition to our line of scientific instruments, Insplorion offers NPS Sensor Chips with a wide range of surface chemistries and our advanced software for control and real-time analysis of spectroscopic data. We can also offer custom-made instruments like the Insplorion X1.

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Our instruments have been used for over ten years by researchers all over the world and helped produce over 100 research publications. The NPS technology has been widely used for a variety of applications, having also proved its strength in the development of devices for gas sensing and battery development.

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We have designed our instruments to be user friendly. We know that instruments that are easy to use deliver more reproducible data and provide a better experience for the user. We have designed our instruments to give a seamless experience and high-quality data.


Insplorion’s scientific instruments are equipped with a multitude of technical features that allow you to work your samples in the way you want. The sensors are also very robust and chemically and temperature resistant. This way, our scientific instruments cover a wide range of applications from surface biomolecular interactions to catalysis and polymer characterization.

Insplorion S2

Versatility is at hand. Simple, elegant and robust. The perfect instrument for biomolecular research.

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Insplorion M8

Insplorion M8: 8-Channel Analyser displays an eight-channel readout for in situ studies of materials and processes occurring inside batteries.

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Insplorion Acoulyte

Combine optical spectroscopy with QCM-D. Simultaneous real time measurements with Nanoplasmonic Spectroscopy (NPS) and Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation monitoring (QCM-D).

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Insplorion XNano

The Insplorion XNano features a flexible measurement cell, enabling realtime refractive index change measurements in both gas- and liquid flow measurements.

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Insplorion provides nanoplasmonic sensors, which enable ultrasensitive measurements of refractive index changes close to (< 30 nm from) the sensor surface.

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Insplorion X1

The Insplorion X1 instrument was developed to study for example gas adsorption/absorption processes or phase transitions (e.g. Tg) in thin polymer films and materials relevant to catalysis in situ and in real-time from ambient up to 600C.

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Visit our collection of publications to learn more about how Insplorion’s technology is used.

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Susanne Wiedmer

Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki

We are very satisfied to gain full access to Insplorion’s NPS technology in our own laboratory. We are convinced that it will be an important tool in our studies of how ionic fluids affect the cell membrane, which is related to their toxicity. Ionic fluids are expected to have a great potential within the forest industry thanks to their excellent solvating capacity for cellulose and biomass.

NanoPlasmonic Sensing

NPS is an optical, real-time, label-free, surface-sensitive sensor technology. The sensor chips are metal nanostructures on a surface that act as optical “antennas”. The sensor signal tracks changes at the surface by measuring changes in effective refractive index.

Visit our collection of application notes for more about our technology in action.

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