Insplorion X2 XNano

The Insplorion XNano features a flexible measurement cell, enabling realtime refractive index change measurements in both gas- and liquid flow measurements. The XNano provides the user with a versatile system, which makes all the exciting possibilities of the Insplorion NPS technology easily accessible.

Key features

The Insplorion XNano modular instrument system provides the opportunity to study processes occuring within or on nanomaterials and at interfaces. The XNano measurement cell is very flexible and compatible with both liquid and gas phase measurements at temperatures of up to 80ºC. The integrated fluidic system simplifies sample handling and delivery, minimises sample consumption and makes the XNano especially well suited for applications within life science, polymer science, and nanochemistry. The very large dynamic range enables high sensitivity studies of processes in both thin films and at the hidden internal interface of thick surface coatings under variable conditions.

True nano-scale measurements

Monitor processes in/on nanoparticles, nanostructures, and thin films in the few tens of nm size-range and at the hidden internal interface of thick films.

Suitable for any sample material

The nanomaterial to be studied can be soft, hard, metallic, ceramic, polymeric, biomolecular, porous, conducting or insulating.

Real-time analysis

Measure with sub-second temporal resolution.

Complete system

The XNano system includes Optics Unit, Temperature Control Unit, Liquid Handling System, Measurement Cell and desktop computer with Insplorer® Control Software

In-situ measurements

Measure in liquid or in air at select temperature.

Download the product sheet to learn more about the specifics.

Download product sheet

Susanne Wiedmer

Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki

We are very satisfied to gain full access to Insplorion’s NPS technology in our own laboratory. We are convinced that it will be an important tool in our studies of how ionic fluids affect the cell membrane, which is related to their toxicity. Ionic fluids are expected to have a great potential within the forest industry thanks to their excellent solvating capacity for cellulose and biomass.

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