Insplorion X1

The Insplorion X1 instrument was developed to study gas adsorption/absorption processes and other material interactions as well as phase transitions (e.g. Tg) in thin polymer films and materials relevant to catalysis in situ and in real-time from ambient up to 600°C.

Key features

The X1 measures structural and/or dielectric changes of virtually any nanomaterial or thin film, dielectric as well as metallic, as induced e.g. by gas composition or temperature ramps. Insplorion X1 uses remote optical readout wherefore only the sensor chip needs to be placed inside the reaction chamber.

Ultrasensitive measurements at the nano-scale

Monitor dynamic processes in/on nanoparticles, nanostructures, or thin films, at the nanometre scale, 10s of nanometres, or at the hidden internal interface of thick coatings.

Integrated gas flow control

The X1 system can be configured to interface with up to 16 mass flow controllers for precise and timely control of gas mixture and flow.

Real-time analysis

Measure with sub-second temporal resolution.

Easy and Robust

Get started quickly with the Insplorer software which offers complete instrument control.

In-situ measurements

Measure under practically relevant conditions at temperatures up to 600˚C.

Dual sample system

Measure simultaneously on up to two samples.

Download the product sheet to learn more about the specifics.

Download product sheet

Hans Niemantsverdriet

Professor Emeritus Physical Chemistry of Surfaces at Eindhoven University of Technology

“The Insplorion instrument is a great tool for us. I wish we had this instrument ten years earlier!”

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