Insplorion M8
8-Channel Analyser

Insplorion M8: 8-Channel Analyser displays an eight-channel readout for in situ studies of materials and processes occurring inside batteries. The system allows operando measurements at nanoscale resolution.

Key features

The M8 system will provide an additional, optical, signal (along with the standard output I and V) that can increase the understanding of physicochemical processes that occur inside battery cells. The system can be used in hard-to-access environments, such as inside a climate chamber or in test rigs where accessing the battery cell is hard for other characterization techniques. The fiber sensors can be used in several battery chemistries and cell designs.

Operando sensing capabilities

Optical operando sensing of physicochemical as well as temperature changes inside battery cells, using Insplorion’s NPS fiber optic sensors.

Measure on up to 8 battery cells

Connect up to 8 cells simultaneously for data acquisition, or equip a few cells with multiple sensors for spatially resolved measurements.

Versatile compatibility

Insplorion’s sensors are compatible with various cell types, as well as various battery chemistries.

Nanoscale optical monitoring

Obtain information on battery processes and learn more about electrode surfaces and electrolytes with nanoscale resolution.

Complete standalone package

The Insplorion M8: 8-Channel Analyser system comprises software and rack-mountable hardware in one complete package, ready for implementation.

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