Insplorion S2 Flow

Versatility is at hand. Simple, elegant and robust. The perfect instrument for biomolecular research.

Key features

Insplorion S2 features a dual-channel flowcell for label-free and real-time studies of molecular interactions and surface adsorption events. The system enables true nano-scale measurements within a few tens of nm of the surface/sample interface, with perfect control over the flow of your samples and buffers.

Integrated and automated fluidic handling

Automated flow operation with software command queue, 6-way injection valve and syringe pump with uninterrupted flow. Integrated buffer change and flush operation.

Accurate temperature control

Fast and stable temperature control with a range between 15 and 45°C and fluctuations under 0.05 °C.

Easy operation

Samples are delivered by means of the integrated fluidic handling system, with complete user accessibility for ease of handling and accurate control. Operation is automated using the Insplorion InControl software. The one-grip removable flowcell with a separate sensor carrier tray makes day-to-day use and maintenance easy.

Dual sample system

Measure simultaneously on up to two samples. Equipped with a dual sample system in series, include the controls in your experiments or test two conditions at a time.


The Insplorion S2 is suitable for any biomaterial and can easily handle any different types of biosamples: – Lipids – Proteins – Nucleic acids – Viruses – Biofilms – Biominerals – Hydrogels


The Insplorion S2 allows for a multitude of process analysis: – Molecular adsorption to different surfaces – Lipid bilayer formation – Temperature dependent interactions – Conformational changes – Biomolecular recognition – Biomineralization seeding – Biofilm formation – Loading and unloading dynamics

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Susanne Wiedmer

Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki

We are very satisfied to gain full access to Insplorion’s NPS technology in our own laboratory. We are convinced that it will be an important tool in our studies of how ionic fluids affect the cell membrane, which is related to their toxicity. Ionic fluids are expected to have a great potential within the forest industry thanks to their excellent solvating capacity for cellulose and biomass.

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