Welcome as an Insplorion shareholder

Statement by the CEO 

Since the company was founded, we have always seen that high demands exist when applying our sensor platform for various volume applications. Then, almost 10 years ago, we chose to first verify the technology as a measuring instrument with early sales, including for research on catalysts and nitrogen dioxide, NOx. After selling measuring instruments and later on developing an air quality and a battery sensor project, we have finally arrived at the commercialization of our first volume business. The air quality sensor faces launch in the autumn.

In the past six months, we have seen how the technology has started to perform well even in real environments. Among other things, we have results from the sensor next to a reference station in central Gothenburg, which demonstrates good compliance. The good results are well matched with the growing need that both municipalities and private actors show for air quality sensors. There are currently no functional alternatives where measurements can take place in networks of sensors and measure the real air we breathe. The few stations that exist on selected rooftops in the largest municipalities are sufficient for today's legal requirements regarding air measurement. But it is not enough as a basis for decision making for infrastructure investments or more direct control of traffic flows. Similarly, private operators in real estate want to be able to demonstrate how their air is better, as well as a competitive advantage, but also to be able to control filters and air purifiers better.

The combination of good test results and clearly growing needs in the market means that with good self-confidence, we are now greatly increasing the rate of commercialization. The commercialization of the air quality sensor is also the main reason for the offensive rights issue. The capital contribution means that we can expand the organization in order to gain increased power in the launch and sales work of the air quality sensor. Similarly, we have such a long endurance that the deal can prove itself fully.

First off will be to offer air quality sensors integrated in luminaires for LED lighting in cooperation with Leading Light. Leading Light is a good first partner since the sensor can be integrated directly into their smart connected luminaires. More collaborations for a broader launch of the air quality sensor will be linked to both increased launch both nationally and internationally.

The rights issue also aims to keep up the pace of our battery sensor project. The project is making great progress, now with new qualified skills. We have just hired another employee thanks to the EU funding we received under the Eurostars program. The project is in the starting blocks with the development of a fully sensor-controlled battery pack. Interest in the sensor platform is also increasing in other areas, such as hydrogen and in medical diagnostics, which can result in new business areas in the longer term.

It is gratifying that the rights issue is already well supported by existing and new owners who share our vision of improving health and the environment with our unique sensor technology.

With the air quality sensor on its way into full commercial phase and a battery sensor with the potential to revolutionize the switch to green energy thereon, I want to welcome new and current shareholders into this new phase for Insplorion.

Welcome to join us on the journey towards a better world, where we contribute with our small but important part.