Welcome as an Insplorion shareholder

Statement by the CEO 

We are in an exciting phase with a strong financial state and with a financial agreement in place that provides stability over a three-year period. We constantly expand our partner collaborations with important actors within our development areas Battery and Air Quality and our Research Instrument sales are increasing. Battery sensors, Air Quality sensors and Research Instruments are the three commercial branches in which we develop our proprietary sensor platform NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS). New business areas are continually evaluated.  

Thanks to the global green energy conversion, a strong industry interest and a potential to disrupt the market for lithium-ion batteries, our battery sensor operation has grown in importance. Our sensors monitor the state of charge inside the battery on a molecular level. This enables increased energy output, increased charge rate and a considerable cost reduction, which means increased range for electric vehicles and an important lowering of costs for energy storage. Added to that, comes increased safety. Through partnerships with multinational corporations, among them suppliers for the global car industry, we are on the right path become a supplier to the vehicle industry as well as the major battery manufacturers. We also continue to develop our partnerships in the field of special batteries where the volumes are more limited. Shorter series and more flexible production lines ensure a faster track towards first commercial use. Our collaborations with larger actors give us a high credibility within the industry. Our technology is patent protected along with several other types of intellectual property protection, which makes us an attractive partner.

With an increasing urbanization and growing problems with polluted city air, the demand for competitive air quality sensors is considerable. Our technology enables more robust, more reliable, smaller and more cost-effective sensors than what is available through the technology of today. This provides the possibility to build tight webs of sensors on every streetlight, instead of like today in just a few places in a whole city. This sensor type is in demand from authorities as well as for private use in homes and vehicles. In our collaboration with the Swedish Environmental Institute and the city of Gothenburg within the LoV-IoT (Air and water with Internet of Things) project, our air quality sensor will be connected to the Internet and used in, among other places, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Santiago. The aim is a better understanding of air pollution. The project gives us the opportunity to test our sensors in harsh condition, with the IT infrastructure already in place. Our collaboration partners also provide great experience and knowledge in the field of air quality measurement.  

Our research instruments are aimed towards scientists within both the academia and the industry around the world, and they provide real time data with nanometer sensitivity for processes on surfaces and in interfaces. It is with great satisfaction we note that we have taken a big leap towards scaling up our research instrument business since our sales through distributors is increasing. For example, with two instruments via our Chinese distributor Honoprof and one through our German distributor LOT-QuantumDesign, which also through the last sales opened for a combination of Insplorion’s Acoulyte instrument and the QCM-D technology aimed at new customers primarily within the Life Science sector. The sales of research instruments have now reached the state where the business is self-reliant and provide a small contribution to our development projects. It is however important to bear in mind that the lead times are long and hard to predict, since most of our customers are dependent on external financing.  

Welcome to join us on the journey towards a better world, where we contribute with our small but important part.  

Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO