Summertime at Insplorion Part I: Business

July 11, 2019
From right to left: Martina, Olof and David at the IDTechEx Show in Berlin.

Time flies! Nine months has already passed since I first started my role as Matix student at Insplorion. And because times are so exciting here. I decided to stay a couple of extra weeks to continue my market research for the air quality sensor. But even though my experience here has been very rewarding and fun, all good times must come to an end… 19thof August I start working for the Swedish Environmental Institute as a business developer with focus on air and water quality sensors! So Insplorion won’t get rid of me completely as I will work within the LoV-IoT project to develop smart environmental monitoring systems.

During my time here I gained deep insight in how low-cost gas sensors can revolutionize the way air quality is monitored. Not just for cities, but a whole lot of application areas! I had the pleasure to meet with companies (big and small) from different industries, interesting experts from a great variety of areas, and of course, I got to know the masterminds behind the Nanoplasmonic Sensor development. It is with excitement (and sadness) that I leave Insplorion and I am looking forward to follow their journey towards market launch.


From all of us at Insplorion, thank you for being with us Martina! We wish you all the best in the road ahead!

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