Sensor Systems

Insplorions NPS technology has features that makes it a strong candidate for solving specific sensing problems outside the lab, in various products and for monitoring industrial processes.

Vehicle battery monitoring and Air Quality sensing are the main applications currently developed, with several more on the watch list.

Unique features with the NPS technology for sensing applications

There is a combination of several inherent strengths with Insplorion’s NPS technology that makes it a strong candidate for different sensing applications. These features can be summarized as:

  • Highly sensitive yet robust; NPS is highly sensitive and can detect changes on the nanoscale. Unlike many other technologies is it also working in harsh environments and can measure with extreme sensitivity at high temperatures, during vibrations and with changes in pressure.
  • Can be miniaturized; the sensing element is approximately 150 nm and one sensor is in principle only needed, allowing very small sensors. A number of sensor elements is usually needed but a fraction of a square mm will be sufficient as sensor area.
  • Remote access; it is only optical access, through a small window or an optical fibre that is needed to access the sensor, enabling measurements in objects without wiring to the senor site.
  • Scalable; the technology will be cost effective upon mass production were both sensors and the optical readout instrument can be made in quantities and at the size of a small circuit board.

Please contact us at if you have interest in co-development of sensor systems in any of the areas above or if you see a need were the unique NPS features solve a specific measurement problem.