Insplorion M8

A new way to do battery research

The New Way

Insplorion’s NPS (NanoPlasmonic Sensing) technology enables optical operan­do sensing inside a battery. A thin optical fibre, bearing the NPS structure, is implemented inside a battery cell and interrogated externally to allow for real-time and non-destructive measurements. The small size of the fibre (ca. 100 µm) combined with its high sensitivity and robustness in various cell chemistries makes it possible to acquire fast and high-quality optical data in up to 8 cells with marginal impact on battery cell performance.

Operando in-situ battery measurements with fibre optic sensors

  • Real-time measurements
  • In-situ monitoring
  • Nano-scale resolution
  • Stand-alone instrument
  • Several battery chemistries
  • Most battery types


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Insplorion M8

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