Hydrogen sensor platform – enables improved safety and process control

Our gas sensor platform for hydrogen offers the capability to operate in challenging environments and with superior performance. The sensor can be used for reliable hydrogen leak detection as well as a tool for accurate system diagnostics and real-time monitoring of processes involving hydrogen.

Reliable hydrogen monitoring

The technology consists of a Pd-based sensing element with optical read-out, which has been demonstrated to provide fast response with high selectivity for hydrogen. The sensing element does not require any particular background for operation, which means it can be used in air, inert atmosphere and even vacuum.


The optical read-out capability enables the sensing element to be separated from the electronics. This is crucial for hydrogen applications with high safety requirements.


The Pd-based platform offers very high selectivity towards hydrogen, which means it is able to be used in environments involving other interfering gases.


Nano-sensing offers the capability to fine-tune the dynamics of gas interaction, which has demonstrated the possibility to sustain a response time less than a second.

Insplorion leak sensor

detection even in challenging environments

Insplorion’s hydrogen leak detector can be used even in challenging environments where there is a need for fast and selective hydrogen detection. Its optical read-out makes it inherently safe for applications with spark-free requirements.

Process sensor

Insplorion process sensor

inline monitoring of hydrogen concentration levels

The Insplorion Process sensor can be installed directly inline enabling real-time and continuous monitoring of hydrogen concentration levels in different processes. By applying a protective surface film the NPS sensor can be stabilized by preventing the sensitive nanostructure from having direct contact with harsh environments.

Nano Plasmonic Sensing

Our sensors for hydrogen are built on a Pd alloy platform and functionalised to enable robust and accurate monitoring. The principle of operation is NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS), relying on an optical read-out of metal nanostructures.

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