Insplorion XNano


The Insplorion XNano features a flexible measurement cell, enabling realtime refractive index change measurements in both gas- and liquid flow measurements. The XNano provides the user with a versatile system, which makes all the exciting possibilities of the Insplorion NPS technology easily accessible.

In short the complete Insplorion XNano system offers the following:

  • ultra sensitive measurement of refractive index change at the sensor surface
    • measure in liquid or gas environment
    • temperature range ambient to 80 C using integrated temp control
    • flexible choice of sample material structure and properties
    • flexible choice of substrate material and surface chemistry
  • monitor processes in/on nanoparticles and thin films in situ and in real time
  • user-friendly instrument and software

If you want to read more about Insplorion XNano, please download our product sheet here: