Hydrogen Sensor

Insplorion's hydrogen sensor uses our patented NPS technology, and is incorporated into our InAir gas sensing platform. It can be applied to safety applications in the hydrogen economy, particularly hydrogen infrastructure.

Hydrogen Sensing

Hydrogen has great potential in becoming the fuel for producing both electricity and heat. Over the years various industries have made use of hydrogen, however it is only recently that its use by private individuals has become a possibility. Today the market for the production, transportation, and storage of hydrogen is growing, as are its applications: fuel cell vehicles (cars, trucks, trains, planes, drones), fuel cell generators (off grid, back up power), as well as power-to-gas. Unfortunately one of the reasons hydrogen technology has faced troubles being adopted by the masses is its perceived lack of safety.

In order to make better safety systems, there is a need for new and improved sensors that can address the accuracy and response times the hydrogen economy requires. Insplorion's hydrogen sensors are accurate, stable, work under a wide range of concentrations (from ppm to 100% H2), and show sub-second response times. They are ideally suited for applications in safety, and may be used for process control and optimization.

We are developing these further in collaboration with PowerCell AB and Chalmers University of Technology (Press Release).

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