Air quality sensor prototypes

19 Sep 2018

The development of the air quality sensor, with primary focus on NOx is progressing. In our joint collaboration with Assoc. Professor Christoph Langhammer and post doc Irem Tanyeli at Chalmers, a coating sensitive to NOx is developed. In the meantime, Insplorion focus on business development and the hardware components for the sensor system. The sensor will be useful in several different applications, and the team has found new ways of building cheaper and more robust measurement setups. Below two of our prototypes are shown, the first one to the right, and our most recent one to the left. Both these systems will, at different costs and performance be able to use for air quality monitoring, but the smaller one is now versatile even for hand-hold sensing, with a size as a smartphone. The components in the transparent plastic box illustrates the potential of how small the unit can be in the future. These three low-cost parts are the core of the sensor system: an optical detector (left), the NPS sensor (middle), and a simple light source (right). All together attached to a circuit board, and we will be able to produce a very tiny, cheap, and robust sensor.

Two air quality prototypes made by Insplorion (left and right) and the essential components of the sensor (middle)

The orange prototype was this week tested in the laboratory at Chalmers, and will be part in further field tests in Santiago, Chile, next week together with the LoV-IoT community we are part in. See you then!

Performance validation of the air quality sensor prototype at Chalmers University of Technology