Visit to Japan

March 4, 2019

Last year’s agreement with Niigata University that gives us access to their SPR/QCM IP has helped to open up the Acoulyte market in Japan, resulting in higher activity for Meiwafosis, for instance this trip.

My first day was focused on learning about Meiwafosis and how we can establish a strong relationship by sharing resources and communicating effectively. We also had a chance to discuss future business opportunities, as well as doing some hands-on training with the Insplorion Acoulyte.

We then started Insplorion’s first official demo in Japan and had the opportunity to visit some potential clients at Kobe University.

For my part, I thoroughly enjoyed being in Japan and trying foods like Okonomiyaki and Kushikatsu. The highlight of the trip, however, would be my dream of eating Kobe beef in Kobe come true. For those thinking about a trip in the future, Osaka Castle and Shitennoji are highly recommended.

Until next time!

From left to right: Ryushi Fukuda, me, Yuka Kawamura and Shunsuke Nishimura during the first day of work.

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