The hydrogen market is growing at a rapid pace

October 3, 2023


Conversation with Insplorion’s CEO Johan Rask

The hydrogen market has never been more exciting, and Insplorion’s sensor technology has the potential to be a key factor for its growth. Insplorion’s sensor enables rapid leak detection, which is crucial for minimizing risks in the hydrogen industry.

Safety is critical for the hydrogen economy to become a reality. With our sensors, we have a key component for minimizing safety risk. Our sensor has very short response time and is selective for hydrogen, even when other gases are present, which has generated significant interest from the market, says Johan Rask, CEO of Insplorion.

The investments in the hydrogen field have gained significant momentum globally in recent years. Within the EU, there are ambitious strategies and goals to promote the use of hydrogen as part of the green energy transition. Within the Horizon 2020 program, the EU has allocated 1.4 billion Euros for hydrogen-related projects. Additionally, many countries around the globe have launched their own national strategies to promote hydrogen as a key component in their energy transition.

– It’s happening now, and I’m convinced that Insplorion will be a part of the transition. Our recent deals also confirm that we are on the right track, says Johan Rask.

He emphasizes that the company’s extensive experience in hydrogen measurements is crucial.

– The technology behind our sensors originates from the research group of one of the company’s founders, Prof. Christoph Langhammer at Chalmers University of Technology, who is a pioneer in nanoplasmonic hydrogen measurements.

Apart from the short response time and selectivity, Insplorion’s sensor can overcome other limitations of sensors on the market today, such ability to operate in low oxygen environments. Enclosing hydrogen installations and removing oxygen is a safety enhancer, but hydrogen leaks must still be detected quickly.

– In addition, our sensor is based on an optical method which means that measurements can be conducted from an external location through fibre optics, which is especially important in confined environments, says Johan Rask.

Insplorion’s path forward is to continue the commercialization and development in collaboration with customers and partners, and in September 2023 the company announced three commercial deals:

  • Marine sector: An order of SEK 600 000 to initiate the commercial partnership with a leading gas and fire safety company in the marine industry.
  • Aviation: A project agreement of SEK 1 500 000 with a large international company that supplies solutions to the aviation industry.
  • Energy system: A SEK 350 000 order from the US based company Amogy for leak detection prototype sensors. Amogy is developing an ammonia cracking solution where hydrogen is released from ammonia and directly used in for instance fuel cells.

– Of course, it’s very pleasing that our strategic focus on hydrogen pays off. These kinds of collaborations provide us with confidence and enable us to develop solutions that meet our customers’ needs, concludes Johan Rask, CEO of Insplorion.

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