New business areas

Since Insplorion’s technological platform works for any application in need of a small, robust, cost effective, fast and selective sensor, we are continuously investigating areas where we can solve previously insolvable sensing problems. Within these areas we actively seek industrial and academic discussion- and project partners. Although we have identified several potential areas of use, some areas are more in focus since industry players face specific challenges for which Insplorion’s sensors present a possible solution. We continually maintain and develop relations with industry actors in these areas. It is important however to note, that not until both technical realizability and business potential have been screened with a positive outcome in cooperation with a commercial actor with branch incite, we will decide to commit to new development projects.

Medical diagnostics

Together with a research group at Chalmers, we explore possible applications within the medical diagnostics field, were low concentrations of target molecules are hard to identify. The research regards identifying biological markers in fluids like blood and urine.


In 2016 Insplorion acquired a patent titled “A Sensor, Method and System for Detecting an Analyte in a Fluid” from the three inventors Christoph Langhammer, Fredrik Westerlund and Joachim Fritzsche, all of which are active at Chalmers University of Technology. Read the report here.

The solution, still in early technical development, is considered to have great potential for detecting everything from biomarkers in blood samples at low concentrations to more general medical and biosensor development.

One of the great benefits of the Insplorion technology in this field is the cost-effective way to detect many different species with one sensor, through incorporating several sensor functions in one sensor. This is possible through the nanosized dimension of the sensing technology.

The Insplorion technology in combination with nanofluidics aim to detect small concentrations of antibodies or proteins which isn’t possible with current methods. New partners with specific target molecule needs are of interest for this project. 

Water monitoring

Together with major producer of specialty chemicals, Akzo Nobel, Insplorion investigates the possible commercialization of Insplorion’s technology for monitoring of industrial water treatment, which would enable more efficient processes with cheaper production of clean water and more efficient use of purification chemicals and filters. The need has been identified in discussions with Akzo Nobel. They want to explore the possibility of using Insplorion’s technology to enable more efficient production of high quality water for use in their production.

In November 2017 Vinnova granted the project “Nanoplasmonic Optical Sensor Array for enhancing industrial water purification (NOSA4Water)” 500 000 SEK. The project will be executed by Insplorion. Read more here.

Other applications

Several other applications, like for example food and beverage manufacturing control and the need for better monitoring of cleaning procedures, are continually researched and evaluated in small scale projects.

If you see a need for a small, robust sensor with great measuring accuracy, don’t hesitate, contact us.