SUST installation and AQ in Shenzhen

November 5, 2018

Prof. Bu and her group will use their new Insplorion X1 system in their research field of heterogeneous catalysis. We are very happy to have Yibin Bu as our customer especially since some of her research is in fields that are of special interest to Insplorion, such as the removal of formaldehyde for increased indoor air quality. Formaldehyde is a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) which is present and evaporates from among other things wall paint and furniture causing air quality problems.

After finishing the visit to Prof Yibin Bu at the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at the Southern University of Science and Technology me and Michael (Honoprof) are heading into the 72 stories SEG Plaza building at the Huaqiangbeilu Electronics Goods Market to get some circuit boards and parts for our air quality and battery sensor prototype workshop at Insplorion. We are eager to get back home to work on our sensors, especially after discussions on indoor and outdoor air quality here in China. Presently the air quality in Shenzhen is classified as moderately bad and the NO2 concentration as well as particulate matter concentrations peaks sometime in the evenings after 18. Public air quality data in Shenzhen can be easily found online from around 5-10 measurement stations in the greater area but the time resolution is bad, about 4 hours and the measurements are not at street level. The need for the type of sensors that we at Insplorion are developing is high all over the world, especially in these high-density urban regions where health aspect awareness is steadily increasing.

From left to right:
Yibin Bu, Olof, Joao, Michael Guo (Honoprof).

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