Students at Insplorion: Fibers

April 15, 2020

This project involved the development of a protective polymer coating method to be used for nanoplasmonic fiber sensors inside lithium-ion batteries. Since my background is in Materials Chemistry and both polymers and batteries are subjects I’m very interested in, I naturally thought this opportunity was too good to pass up.

In order to choose which polymers I would be testing, I first had to do a literature review where I went over the properties of a bunch of different polymers and solvents. After I had selected two polymers, I started my dip coating experiments. This consisted of dip coating both fibers and flat substrates made of various materials in polymer solutions of varying concentrations in different solvents and in some cases solvent mixtures. The next step is to try and analyze the coatings using various analytical techniques to see if the they are up to par. All in all, it has been a fun couple of months, and I look forward to seeing this through.

/Simon Lindholm

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