Starting up Eurostar-InBAT with AGM

March 12, 2019

Especially two thoughts from our meeting sticks;

AGM have a leading role in the development of new Sodium (Na) based batteries. These batteries have an advantage that they can become both cheaper and safer than the traditional Li-ion batteries. However, in some regions of the operational window the normal voltammetry measurements seem more limited than usual and our NPS could fit even better than with the classical Li-ion batteries. Li-ion is, and will be our focus for the near future, but it is good to know that NPS is needed for the Na-ions and that we got the best partner for it, when the time comes.

AMTE is also investing in a 1GWh plant to be able produce high performance batteries at a larger scale for a variety of niche applications. In other words, directly through our Eurostar, we have a partner that will increase production capabilities so that we can support larger volumes for the first niche applications.

I also see a development in my understanding of the Scottish accent and actually enjoyed that Haggish starter.

/Patrik (the boss)

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