Associate Professor Hui Yang

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is one of the leading research institutes in China. Associate Prof. Hui Yang with her group and department colleagues will use the instrument for understanding the controlled molecular self-assemblies and developing surface modifications with amphiphilic molecules, and for applications ranging from enhancing oil recovery (EOR) to anticorrosion performance. CAS will serve as a strong reference center for future sales activities, with the group in Beijing being geographically close to the Honoprof headquarter.


Associate Professor Hui Yang


Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing)


Institute of Chemistry





Hui Yang joined Prof. Jinben Wang’s group in December 2010, and her major research focuses as following: synthesis and assembly of amphiphilic molecules or nanoparticles; in situ measuring the interactions between oil/water/solid interface; applications in EOR, responsive demulsification and environmental-friendly anticorrosion.

Present Position: Institute of Chemistry, CAS.

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