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Professor Scientist X

This could be you. If  you have an idea that fits with this combination, we are of course more than happy to hear about it. We could set up a… Read more

Professor Nam-Joon Cho

Professor Cho and his group have already published several research articles based on his work with the Acoulyte and XNano systems. His projects have focused on characterizing the interactions of biomacromolecules with solid supports along with evaluating the performance of drug candidates. In combination with other sensor technologies, NPS has enabled unparalleled mechanistic insights into biomacromolecular interactions. Read more University: Nanyang Technological University
Country: Singapore

Professor Joel A Pedersen

The Pedersen research group focuses on environmental interfacial chemistry and studies interfacial processes affecting the behavior of nanoparticles, biomolecules, and organic molecules in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Current research topics include molecular-scale interactions of biomolecules with engineered nanoparticles, the processes governing the environmental transmission of prion diseases, and the interaction of polar and ionizable organic molecules with natural organic matter and mineral surfaces. Read more University: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Country: USA

Professor David Castner

Professor Castner uses XNano in his research at the department of chemical engineering and bioengineering at University of Washington, Seattle, USA. His research is directed at obtaining detailed information about the surface composition and structure of biomaterials and the interaction of biomolecules with those biomaterials. Read more University: University of Washington, Seattle
Country: USA

Associate Professor Hui Yang

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is one of the leading research institutes in China. Associate Prof. Hui Yang with her group and department colleagues will use the instrument for understanding the controlled molecular self-assemblies and developing surface modifications with amphiphilic molecules, and for applications ranging from enhancing oil recovery (EOR) to anticorrosion performance. CAS will serve as a strong reference center for future sales activities, with the group in Beijing being geographically close to the Honoprof headquarter. Read more University: Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing)
Country: China

Dr. Hans Fredriksson

In January 2016, Dr. Hans Fredriksson joined Syngaschem BV. His main focus is on investigating fundamental properties of catalysts and correlating these with activity and deactivation using model catalysts, micro reactors and a broad range of characterization techniques. Read more University: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Country: Netherlands

Adjunct Professor Susanne Wiedmer

Susanne Wiedmer’s group at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Helsinki in Finland has used XNano since April 2016, when they bought the XNano system from Insplorion. It has for example resulted in the publication of the articles: Read more University: University of Helsinki
Country: Finland