Insplorion 8-Channel Analyzer

Insplorion 8-Channel Analyzer displays an eight-channel readout for in situ studies of materials and processes occurring inside batteries. The system allows operando measurements at nanoscale resolution.

Operando sensing capabilities
Insplorion’s NPS technology enables optical operando sensing. Fibreoptic NPS sensors allow for real time measurements with minimal influence on cell performance, while remote readout enables easy data extraction.
Measure on up to 8 battery cells
Connect up to 8 cells simultaneously for data acquisition, with the flexibility of adding or removing cells as desired.

Nanoscale optical monitoring
Get new data from battery processes and interactions and learn more about the surface chemistry with nanoscale resolution.
Complete standalone package
The 8-Channel Analyzer system comprises hardware and software in one complete package, ready for implementation.
Versatile compatibility
Insplorion’s fiberoptic sensors are compatible with various cell types, as well as various battery chemistries.

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