Insplorion, Chalmers and PowerCell develop the world’s fastest hydrogen sensor with funding from the Swedish Energy Agency

04 Dec 2019

The Swedish Energy Agency awards the project “Nano-Plasmonic ultra-fast H2 sensor for a safe hydrogen economy” MSEK 3.8. Within the project, a hydrogen sensor will be developed that will enable… Read more

Insplorion is granted € 457 500 to adapt the battery sensor for automotive applications within the Horizon 2020 project 3beLiEVe

29 Nov 2019

The Horizon 2020 project 3beLiEVe, with a total funding of over 10 M€, aims to strengthen the position of the European battery and automotive industry by delivering the next generation… Read more

Insplorion’s gas sensor patent granted in EU

18 Sep 2019

Insplorion’s gas sensor patent has today, September 18th 2019, been granted by the European Patent Office, EPO. The gas sensor patent application “Surface plasmon resonance gas sensor, gas sensing system,… Read more

Insplorion sells an Acoulyte instrument to Professor Sibani Lisa Biswal at Rice University, Houston, USA

02 Sep 2019

Professor Biswal’s research at Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Rice University, focuses on using chemical, biological, and engineering approaches to study soft materials such as colloids, polymers, lipids,… Read more

Insplorion Sells Acoulyte Instrument to Japanese Market Leader in Chemical Manufacturing

23 Aug 2019

The R&D department at a large chemical manufacturer headquartered in Japan, has purchased an Acoulyte instrument. This is the first sale of Insplorion instruments in Japan and was realized by… Read more

Recalculation of warrants in Insplorion AB (publ) due to completed rights issue

21 Aug 2019

Due to the rights issue, which was successfully completed before the summer, recalculation has been made in accordance with the terms of the two outstanding warrants programs regarding the subscription… Read more

Insplorion is granted € 50,000 for multi-gas sensor in the EU program SME instrument phase 1

30 Jul 2019

Insplorion’s application for financing the multi-gas sensor project, InAir, has been approved and financed with EUR 50,000 within the SME instrument phase 1. The grant will be used for a… Read more

Battery Sensor patent granted in EU and soon to be granted in China

24 Jul 2019

Insplorion’s battery sensor patent “Battery with sensor” has today been granted by the European Patent Office, EPO. The patent will also be granted in China upon payment of the registration… Read more

Insplorion starts collaboration with OmniCoLab in Korea and sells two XNano Systems

28 Jun 2019

OmniCoLab Inc. is a newly launched R&D service provider in Korea that provides companies and research organizations with access to cutting-edge scientific technologies and expert specialists. One of its key… Read more

Center for Swedish Batteries, where Insplorion is responsible for the sensor technology, granted SEK 34 million from Vinnova

25 Jun 2019

Center for Swedish Batteries (SweBAL) is a competence center under the leadership of Professor Kristina Edström, Uppsala University. The partners include Chalmers University of Technology, KTH, RISE, ABB, Volvo, Northvolt,… Read more