Main patent for the Chinese market approved

December 27, 2016
Insplorion’s main patent "Sensor Using Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR)" has now been approved for the Chinese market.

The patent was applied for in May 2009 and was approved in Japan early 2015 and is in the final phase for approval in the EU and the US. The patent covers the sensor surface that can be coated with different materials and is predicted to provide a good protection as it is this methodology that gives the technology its robustness and its specific sensitivity to different molecules. The patent thus covers the technology’s main strengths and both the business areas Instruments and Sensor Systems.

The Chinese patent system and its review process has the last ten years been further adapted to the international PCT system, which is regarded as very positive development for companies that want to apply for patents in China. One possible reason is that the Chinese own innovation system has become more focused on the global market than before. Recently, China has overtaken the US as the market where the largest number of patents is applied for.

"China is one of the, if not the, most important future market for Insplorion, both for our research instruments and for the battery sensor and the air quality sensor projects. It is obviously very important that we now have our intellectual property protection secured there," says Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO Insplorion

"It's good that the protection for our core technology increases since it in terms of technology gives us an even stronger platform to stand on and build further on," explains Elin Langhammer, co-founder and CTO Insplorion.

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