Launch of new sensor surfaces for Insplorion’s instruments

March 31, 2017
Today Insplorion introduces two new sensor surfaces for their instrument family. A completely flat sensor, with embedded nanoparticles, for the Acoulyte instrument and a sensor with larger caves that, for example, can be used to study the transport of drug candidates across cell membranes. The new additions to Insplorion’s sensor family, open up for new application areas and new customer groups that can use Insplorion's measuring instruments.

The new flat Acoulyte sensors facilitate for users of the QCM-D instrument to compare their previous results, obtained using flat QCM sensors, with their new results measured by the combination of QCM and Insplorion's NPS technology. Another important aspect of the new sensors is that they, together with  Insplorion's other sensors with different surface structures, can be used to answer questions about how the nanoparticle size and shape affect biomolecules. Questions which are of great importance in nano-medicine and nano-toxicology.

The sensors with larger caves below a small hole have been developed in collaboration with Andreas Dahlin, associate professor at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. Using these sensors,  a cell membrane can be placed above the cavities, allowing studies of how quickly and to which extent a particular molecule passes through the membrane. The opportunity to study how quickly and to which extent a specific molecule is transported through a membrane is of great importance, for example, during the early stages of drug development.

"We are pleased that these new products will meet customer requests, both from Acoulyte and XNano customers, but mainly in the dialogues that we have with new customers. At the same time, our new cavity sensors will become an important contribution to the XNano instrument as it provides unique opportunities compared to other instruments within the Life Science segment," says Patrik Bjöörn, sales manager at Insplorion.

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