Large automotive OEM rents Insplorion’s battery development instrument via Kistler

November 23, 2020
A large German car manufacturer has, via the international measurement technology company Kistler, placed an order for renting Insplorion’s battery development instrument. Insplorion’s Nanoplasmonic Sensing (NPS) provides insights about performance and aging of lithium ion battery cells.

The deal highlights the success of the cooperation between Insplorion and the Kistler Group. Both were founded based on the same spirit of highly innovative sensor technology. The cooperation is now resulting in an official collaboration agreement. Because of increasing vehicle electrification there is a growing need for battery testing and development in the automotive industry. The NPS technology alleviate this need by enabling monitoring of internal processes and states of lithium ion battery cells. In addition, it can be used to improve on-board battery performance.

Kistler has its roots in highly dynamic sensors for automotive development and is now strengthening its customer proposition in the fields of electric powertrain and data processing. Thanks to Kistler, Insplorion gets access to a global and well-established sales network. The ongoing collaboration between Insplorion and Kistler has now resulted in a 4- to 6-month rental order of Insplorion’s battery development instrument, with a value in the low to middle five-digit Euro range, placed by a German car manufacturer. This shows the interest of automotive companies for better battery development tools. The customer already beckoned that an extension of the cooperation is intended.

“For 60 years we have supported the global automotive industry with a variety of test and measurement systems for various applications. Strengthening our focus on the electric powertrain, Insplorion’s technology is a valuable tool for our customers to use in battery test and development applications”, comments Marian Gragert, Divisional Project Manager at Kistler. 

“Kistler’s profile as an expert measurement company for the automotive industry is a perfect fit to market our technology ‒ not only for the battery development tool but also strategically as it strengthens our position for on-board sensors in general”, comments Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion.

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