Key personnel and the board subscribe to the company’s incentive programs

May 11, 2021
Key personnel, employees and the board subscribe to the company's different incentive programs, which was approved at the Annual General Meeting on April 13. Key personnel, employees and the board subscribe for a total of 156,500 warrants and the company receives SEK 570,440 via cash. The program is largely fully subscribed except for the part reserved for recruitments in the near future.

At the Annual General Meeting on April 13 earlier this year, it was decided that the company would issue up to 172,700 warrants addressed to the company's key personnel and the board in two different incentive programs. The purpose is to link personnel and key competencies to the company, facilitate recruitment and that employees will receive incentives for long-term value development that coincide with owners. Also, to be a competitive remuneration package to be able to attract, retain and motivate qualified board members.

"I am happy and proud that Insplorion's team and board have chosen to participate in the incentive programs as it strongly signals the faith in the future that we all have in the company," comments CEO Patrik Dahlqvist.

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