Insplorion’s sensors will measure Gothenburg’s city air within a  West Swedish Internet of Things hub

July 6, 2017
The City of Gothenburg is leading a group of 14 partners, including Insplorion, which has received a grant of SEK 12 million by Vinnova. The goal is to develop more efficient systems for gathering information about air and water quality with Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors.

The aim of the project LoV-IoT is to contribute to better health of citizens all over the world by enabling better decision making and changing people's behavior. A hardware platform with a number of sensor nodes has been developed in an earlier project, to which Insplorion’s sensors will be connected to measure the city's air quality and publicly present the results. The City of Uppsala and Centro Mario Molina in Santiago de Chile are partners in the project that will spread the concept in Sweden and in the world.

"We have for a while had a good knowledge exchange with IVL and the results from the earlier environmental project. It is very rewarding to become a partner with our air quality sensor at the scaling up of the project," says Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO of Insplorion. "Now we get a collaboration platform where our air quality sensors will measure and provide input to applications that are connected to the cloud. Interesting is also how the project reaches the world where the sensor platform will be tested in for instance Santiago in Chile."

The total budget for the three-year project is approximately 25 MSEK, where VINNOVA finances by 12 MSEK. Insplorion's part amounts to just under 0.9 MSEK and with a financing from VINNOVA of just under 0.4 MSEK. The companies in the consortium are TalkPool, Vinnter, Rent Dagvatten, SHS, Ericsson, IMCG, Insplorion, Hagström Consulting and Universeum. In addition, the research institutes participate are IVL, Acreo and TII. Gothenburg City is project managing and co-operates with the City of Uppsala and Centro Mario Molina in Santiago de Chile that will use the project's results in their operations.

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