Insplorion’s Chinese distributor Honoprof sells Acoulyte Instrument to Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Beijing

December 27, 2017
Honoprof thus conducts the first distributor sale for Insplorion with the first Acoulyte instrument in China. CAS is one of the leading research institutes in China. Prof. Hui Yang with her group and department colleagues will use the instrument for understanding and developing surface modifications with amphiphilic molecules, for applications ranging from electrolytes to cleaning agents. CAS will serve as a strong reference center for future sales activities, with the group in Beijing being geographically close to the Honoprof headquarter. The Acoulyte instrument list price is approximately 0,5 MSEK to which distributor discount is applied.

The interest in Acoulyte from the CAS group started in November last year right after launch of the instrument. Since then the group has conducted two separate demo trials to obtain the needed reference data for the financing process.

"We are very glad to do the first distributor sale for Insplorion and we now start to see the payback for our common efforts on the Chinese market. CAS will be a strong reference center for us in our development of the Chinese market and we expect to continue our high level of sales activities following this installation", comments Stephen Liu, Managing Director of Honoprof.

"We have continuously seen increased interest for the Acoulyte, especially in our Asian markets. Therefore it is not surprising that we see the first distributor sale in China. We are confident that we will see increased activities in all of our distributor markets", comments Patrik Bjöörn, Sales Director at Insplorion.

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