Insplorion will demonstrate the battery sensor for energy storage within the EU project Adaptive Control of Energy Storage (ACES)

May 3, 2018
The EU organization Era-net Smart Energy Systems has granted the project Adaptive Control of Energy System (ACES) almost 10 MSEK to develop and demonstrate new equipment for measurement and test adaptive optimisation algorithms for battery energy storage control to enable a faster and an affordable renewable energy transition. Eleven different partners from both industry and the research community from Sweden, Norway and Germany, including Fraunhofer IFF, Vänerenergi, ABB Power Grids and Insplorion will build four different demonstrators. Insplorion is funded with more than 0,6 MSEK within the project to optimise and incorporate the battery sensor in a battery storage demonstrator as well as optimise signal and control systems.

"Within the ACES project we will be able to show the benefits of our battery sensor for battery energy storage applications. The scope and the partners involved give us a launch pad for both the Nordic and German markets", comments Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO Insplorion.

The aim of the ACES project is to develop, implement and test advanced measurement technology and adaptive control algorithms for energy storage systems in order to integrate storages in more economic and technically optimal way into the modern power grids. Wide-scale deployment of energy storages will contribute to the power grid stability, while matching balance between demand and supply, mostly from volatile renewable energy sources and open new business opportunities in the energy market.

"Insplorion’s battery sensor brings a new dimension to the battery energy storage market that significantly can affect the cost/benefit calculations. The ACES project will accelerate the development of battery storage, which means that several applications, such as frequency control, will be profitable", comments Lars Olsson from Seniorit AB.

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