Insplorion to launch an ATEX certified H2 leak detector in Q1 2025

January 23, 2024

Following a time of intense market investigations and product development efforts, Insplorion is now ready to announce the timeline for its first certified H2 leak detector. When we now take our first product through the ATEX certification process, this step marks the transition from a development company to a product company.

Safety is of critical importance when dealing with hydrogen, and leakages must be detected quickly. The Insplorion hydrogen sensor has proven to do just that. It is very fast and specific for hydrogen, even in the presence of other gases.

Therefore, Insplorion is now thrilled to announce the timeline for the launch of an ATEX certified H2 leak detector. The initial product that will be certified and launched in Q1 2025 is aimed for use in inert environments – i.e. where oxygen levels are reduced around the hydrogen installation to increase the safe use of hydrogen. This product choice is based on feedback from numerous customer dialogues, in particular from the maritime segment where several system solutions are in a pilot phase with a scheduled market launch in the coming years. This announcement clearly marks that Insplorion now enters its next phase.

“I’m proud that after announcing our hydrogen focused strategy in late 2022 already now can communicate more concrete plans for when our first certified product will reach the market. The interest in our hydrogen detection capabilities has been great, and now we are transitioning from a development company to a product company”, says CEO Johan Rask.

In principle ATEX compliance means that a product is suitable for operation in a potentially explosive environment. The certification will make Insplorion prepared for large scale sales and projects, and will be regarded an important quality stamp for our products. In the light of this, it should also be noted that the certification is not needed for all applications in the market, and often not in the system design phase, such as for example in Insplorion’s current prototype sales to Consilium Safety Group AB and Amogy Inc. In parallel, while ATEX certification is ongoing, Insplorion will continue to sell the already established prototype sensors for more testing, validation and pilot projects in leak detection as well as process monitoring.

Insplorion will also continue the already successful partnership strategy, both for commercial roll out, such as with this first ATEX-certified product, but also co-development partnerships in other application areas where our benefits such as fast detection, specificity and optical nature of the sensor can be a key enabler for the safe and efficient use of hydrogen.

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