Insplorion starts collaboration with OmniCoLab in Korea and sells two XNano Systems

June 28, 2019
OmniCoLab Inc. is a newly launched R&D service provider in Korea that provides companies and research organizations with access to cutting-edge scientific technologies and expert specialists. One of its key activities is contract research services, and Insplorion’s NPS technology will be a key experimental tool offered by the company. These activities are expected to increase the visibility of NPS technology across different customer sectors and spur more NPS-related studies in Korea, efforts that should catalyze an increase in future instrument sales in Korea and Asia. The collaboration includes the sale of two XNano systems at a reduced reference center price corresponding to almost 1 MSEK.

"We are excited about this collaboration for mainly two reasons: First, the OmniCoLab team members include graduates of Professor Nam-Joon Cho’s Engineering in Translational Science lab at Nanyang Technological University, which is one of the world’s leading research groups working on NPS technology, so we feel confident that there will be high activity and excellent quality in the upcoming NPS-related work. Second, this type of contract research service is a new and promising way to promote the Insplorion NPS technology that we think can have a major impact on long-term sales, especially in the Asia-Pacific market", comments Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO of Insplorion.

Dr. Ahram Kim is leading the development of OmniCoLab in Korea as its founding CEO and is confident in how the NPS technology will become a key component of his team’s activities.

"We have seen an increasing need from both academia and industry for contract research services within a variety of fields related to biological and material surface science. Our team members are leading experts in Insplorion’s technology and with its versatility, robustness, and efficiency, it will be an important scientific tool to drive forward the business objectives of OmniCoLab and expand the market for NPS technology", comments Dr. Ahram Kim, CEO of OmniCoLab Inc.

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