Insplorion sells an XNano instrument to Dr. Tim Craggs at the University of Sheffield, UK

January 7, 2020
Dr. Tim Craggs’ research at Department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield is an interdisciplinary lab working within life science to, among others, address questions of protein folding, and DNA transcription, replication and repair. This is the first sales of Insplorion Instruments to UK.

The contact with the Sheffield group was initiated in 2016 by Insplorion’s distributor ATG Scientific which resulted in a successful pre-study. Research funding in UK has suffered from all unknowns related to Brexit, delaying all finance related activities. The sales and the main parts of the instrument were shipped the last days in December 2019 and will affect last year’s result. The order value is over 0,5 MSEK after academic discount has been applied.

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