Insplorion sells an Acoulyte instrument to Kao Corporation for their research and development within cleaning agents

August 23, 2019
The R&D department at Kao Corporation, a chemical and cosmetics multinational company headquartered in Japan, has purchased an Acoulyte instrument. This is the first sale of Insplorion instruments in Japan and was realized by Insplorion’s Japanese distributor Meiwafosis. The list price for Acoulyte is over € 40 000 from which standard distributor discount has been applied.

Kao corporation is a chemical and consumer products corporation with 33 000 employees and a turnover of almost € 13 billion, with main business areas within household cleaning products, personal hygiene and cosmetics. The Acoulyte instrument will be used in combination with the acoustic technology QCM-D to significantly enhance the information value of experiments within their research and development. The instrument will among other things be used in early product development of new cleaning agents for household surfaces.

"That Kao as a consumer product company now purchase one of our research instruments is a breakthrough. It signals that our technology has become established, well-known and mature enough to make the leap from academic research to product development within the industry. It is also exciting that this is Meiwafosis first sale and the first in Japan", comments Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion.

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