Insplorion receives order of approximately 350 000 SEK from Amogy for hydrogen sensors

September 21, 2023

Insplorion announces an order from the US based company Amogy for leak detection prototype sensors. The order value is approximately SEK 350 000.

Amogy is developing an ammonia-to-power system where liquid ammonia is cracked through a highly efficient ammonia-cracking technology to produce hydrogen “on-demand”.  The hydrogen is then fed into a fuel cell system which in turn powers electric motors.

Amogy has already demonstrated their system in heavy-duty applications and now plans to demonstrate it in the first-ever ammonia-to-power vessel, a tugboat. The ammonia-to-power system can be used for retrofitting existing fleets and is considered a milestone to reach zero-emission shipping, as ammonia is predicted to become a future leading fuel source for the world’s giant cargo ships.

“Hydrogen leak detection in a safety system is a critical function and we are happy to see that Insplorion’s leak detection sensor could be an enabler for safe ammonia-cracking applications. This is fully in line with our vision of enabling an accelerated transition to a sustainable future” says Johan Rask, CEO at Insplorion.

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