Insplorion provides offer to test a combination of their NO2 sensor and IVL’s diffusive sampler

December 6, 2019
Insplorion and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd. have signed a collaboration agreement to test a combined measurement system for NO2 on the Swedish market. The measurement system consists of Insplorion’s sensor and IVL’s diffusive sampler and it will initially be offered to the municipalities in Sweden for testing.

IVL is an international leader in providing air quality measurements, based on diffusive sampling, to municipalities, among others. IVL´s diffusive sampler is a well-established method to monitor specific gases in air as weekly or monthly averages. Insplorion’s sensors will in this test be offered, in combination with diffusive samplers, enabling high time resolution, on minute and hour level, together with the precise mean concentration during a week or a month.

The combination of the two measurement techniques enables a tool for municipalities to obtain more detailed air quality information at a competitive price compared to conventional instruments.

“High time resolution air quality data is often wanted by the municipalities even when they are not obliged to do measurements, for instance for following up actions taken. Therefore, we hope that the Insplorion sensor, if the tests work out well, have the potential to complement our existing diffusive sampler to be an interesting and cost-efficient solution for air quality monitoring", comments Karin Söderlund at IVL.

The launch is initially a commercial test and evaluation phase offered to IVL's existing customers on the Swedish market.

"We have during the ongoing LoV-IoT project built the relationship and learned about air quality measurements from IVL. We are delighted that this relation can now evolve to an offer where the strengths of two different sensors are combined, the first of its kind on the market", says Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO of Insplorion.

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