Insplorion project for multiplex NPS battery sensors is granted MSEK 1,9 from Vinnova

May 29, 2020
Vinnova has granted SEK 1 908 800 to the project “A multiplex nanoplasmonic battery sensor for improved battery management”. This new project is a continuation of a previous successful project within the Smarter Electronics System program conducted together with RISE.

Insplorion and RISE recently concluded the project “Development of a Nano-Plasmonic Fiber Optic Sensing Platform for Battery Monitoring”, within the Smarter Electronics System program. It was a successful program resulting in cost effective components for the battery sensor, especially related to the components used in conjunction to the optical fiber. The results from the project has been implemented to Insplorions battery platform and is for instance applied in the ongoing implementation of the sensor in battery systems. 

The overall objective with past and upcoming project is to minimize cost and safety issues that limit widespread implementation of lithium ion batteries. In principle, this can be alleviated by basing battery status information supplied to the battery management system on measurements “internal” to individual battery cells rather than “external” measurements at the cell/pack level. In this project, we will advance our cell-internal fiber-optic NanoPlasmonic Sensing technology by improving multi-sensor capability and fiber protective coatings. 

To achieve this, a consortium has been gathered with all the required expertise; an expert on NanoPlasmonic Sensing (Insplorion), a fiber-optic and optical component specialist (RISE) and an expert on thin protective polymer coatings (Mid Sweden University). 

"Our efforts will enable multiplexed operando measurements of the battery cell status through direct measurements of its changing chemical properties and cell-internal temperature", says Elin Langhammer, founder and CTO of Insplorion.

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