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March 24, 2016

There has been a bit of extra activity in the Insplorion lab at Sahlgrenska Science Park lately. In addition to the usual activities with pre-studies for potential customers and product development test by our own personnel a new face has been seen. Joanna Witos, post-doc at the Helsinki University has occupied the Insplorion Instrument. She has spent two weeks in the lab and will spend a month in total. “We were able to secure a bit of funding for me to do a smaller study on the Insplorion XNano and it is great to be here and work with the Insplorion team” says Joanna who works in the group of University lecturer Susanne Wiedmer in Helsinki.

The main focus of the project is to determine the effect of novel ionic liquids on biomembranes. Ionic liquids are recognized to have a large potential in forest industry because of their excellent cellulose and biomass solvating capabilities. Due to their wide industrial use and their possible environmental and health impacts, the objective is to establish the mechanism and the effect of amidine-, guanidine-, and phosphonium-based superbase ionic liquids on phospholipid vesicles, acting as biomimetic membranes. The data will lead to a better understanding of the effect of the structure, i.e. cationic and anionic parts of the ionic liquid, on the harmfulness of the molecule. This is of importance for novel industrial applications concerning ionic liquids.

“This is a great way for us to develop the NPS technology for new application areas such as how ionic liquids affect biological membranes to help ensure a safe development of the chemistry within the pulp and paper industry. It is also an effective way to get initial results within a new area. Often this is needed before an instrument is sold which also is a goal with this project” says Olof Andersson, Product Manager at Insplorion.

Are you a researcher with a fun idea suitable for the Insplorion instrument and who can fund your own travel and stay in Goteborg, let us know and we will make room in our lab for you. Contact Olof at

*The picture shows Olof Andersson, Insplorion and Joanna Witos, Helsinki University in discussion about the next step of the project.

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