Insplorion joins ABB’s innovation growth hub SynerLeap

October 5, 2018
Insplorion and ABB are both aiming to accelerate the transition to fossil free energy systems and have mutual interest in making battery energy storage systems more efficient. Insplorion will within SynerLeap get access to the ABB expertise within energy storage.

“We foresee a great collaboration within the SynerLeap Growth hub that will facilitate the commercialization of our battery sensor in energy storage systems. Having access to the ABB expertise and battery lab will certainly accelerate our development. More opportunities in other sensor areas will certainly also arise within the ABB Group and the SynerLeap companies when interacting in this environment,” says Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion. 

SynerLeap is an innovation growth hub located in the heart of the ABB Corporate Research Center in Västerås, Sweden that enables collaboration between ABB and small technology innovation companies to grow on a global market in three areas: industrial automation, robotics and energy.

“We are delighted to welcome Insplorion to SynerLeap and see great potential in their integrated battery sensor for energy storage solutions. The sensor can measure the state of charge and health in each individual cell and will enable better optimization and utilization of batteries. We are looking forward to collaborate with Insplorion on this exciting journey.”, says Magnus Backman, Head of Energy & Power at SynerLeap.

About Insplorion
Insplorion AB is a Swedish company that develops and sells its own technology NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS), within two business areas, Instruments and Sensor Systems. Within Instruments, the company sells instruments to researchers in materials- and life science. Sensor Systems develops sensors for specific applications, such as, battery management and air quality monitoring. For more information, please visit

About SynerLeap
The purpose of SynerLeap is to create an ecosystem where ABB can utilize and enable small technology companies to grow and expand on a global market in three areas: industrial automation, robotics and energy. For more information, please visit

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