Insplorion is granted € 457 500 to adapt the battery sensor for automotive applications within the Horizon 2020 project 3beLiEVe

November 29, 2019
The Horizon 2020 project 3beLiEVe, with a total funding of over 10 M€, aims to strengthen the position of the European battery and automotive industry by delivering the next generation of battery cells, designed and made in Europe, for electrified vehicles.

The project activities are focused on three domains:
• Development of automotive battery cells that are highly performant and free of critical raw materials such as cobalt and natural graphite.

• Development and integration of sensors into and onto the cells to enable smart, adaptive operating strategies and advanced diagnostics, in order to extend the performance, safety and lifetime of batteries in first and second life applications.

• A comprehensive manufacturing approach with green processes and a target life cycle cost of
€ 90 /kWh at large scale production.

Insplorion is responsible for the task centered around the design, development and integration of their battery sensor in next generation’s battery cells for automotive applications.

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology will coordinate the consortium of 21 partners from 10 different European countries representing industrial companies, SMEs, research institutes and academia, including the automotive companies FIAT and Volvo. 3beLiEVe is scheduled to run from January 1st 2020 until June 30th, 2023 and has received funding of € 10 833 759,99 from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation funding program.

"3beLiEVe fits well in our overall strategy with our InBAT sensor. Our ongoing projects aim mainly at battery storage applications while we with 3beLiEVe take a major step into upcoming battery chemistries and broader automotive applications", says Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO of Insplorion. 

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