Insplorion is granted 500,000 SEK by Vinnova to investigate the possibility of using Insplorion’s technique within water treatment

November 16, 2017
Vinnova has granted 500,000 SEK for the project "Nanoplasmonic Optical Sensor Array for enhancing industrial water purification (NOSA4Water)" that will be executed by Insplorion. The goal of the project is a feasibility study of NOSA4Water, identification of key actors and partners, as well as a possible commercialization plan for the NOSA-system.

Insplorion applied for funding within EU's "SME 1 – Horizon 2020 Framework Program" in September. Thanks to high scores in the EU ranking system, Insplorion's application received a so-called "Seal of Excellence" which enabled financing through Vinnova's special announcement; "Runner up SME instrument 2017"

The project aims at investigating and preparing for the possible commercialization of Insplorion's technology for monitoring of industrial water treatment processes, which would enable more efficient processes with cheaper production of clean water and more efficient use of purification chemicals and filters.

The need has been identified, among other things, in discussions with Akzo Nobel, who wants to explore the possibility of using Insplorion’s technology to enable more efficient production of high quality water for use in their production.The need for more efficient water treatment processes is global and growing, where on-line monitoring during different purification steps is sought after. This project is expected to pinpoint within which niche Insplorion’s technology would provide the largest benefits and how large cost savings and reduction of environmentally harmful chemicals a better monitoring can provide.

"The idea of an on-line instrument for the process industry has emerged from what we have learned from our fibre sensor development for batteries and how that knowledge can be combined with our instrument platform. There are still technical and market questions and we are very pleased that we have received this funding to help us answer these questions, before we initiate a new development project” commented Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion.

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