Insplorion initiates collaboration with Stenhøj Sweden AB for the development of a NOx sensor for vehicle testing, financed by Mistra Innovation

April 10, 2019
The Mistra Innovation project that began in 2016 whereInsplorion's NOx sensor has been developed, is now being extended with funding of SEK 178,000 to, in a sub-project, adapt the current NOx sensor for use in vehicle control (car testing). Stenhøj Sweden AB, partner in the project, develops gas and smoke analyzers for car repair shops and vehicle inspection companies. The company, based in Billdal south of Gothenburg, has previously been part of  the OPUS Group and is now part of the Danish Stenhøj group.

"We are very pleased to be able to broaden the scope of our NOx sensor together with Stenhøj. The adaptation to measurements for vehicle inspection will be a field of use between our research instruments and our air quality sensor. In addition, with stronger legislation in the area, future sales can also be significant”, comments Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO at Insplorion.

Within the collaboration, both companies will be working together to integrate Insplorion's NOx sensor into Stenhøj's gas analyzer and to carry out joint marketing activities.

"We see an opportunity to strengthen our product offering by integrating Insplorion's sensors into our analyzers. Car repair shops and inspection companies want a faster, accurate and robust NOx sensor, which we want to be able to offer with Insplorion's sensor", says Jörgen Hentschel, CEO of Stenhøj Sweden.

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Stenhøj Sweden AB develops, manufactures and sells gas and smoke analyzers for car repair shops and vehicle inspections. The analyzers are manufactured and assembled in Sweden and delivered worldwide. More information at

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